Stop Smoking Easily In Just 7 Days

Ready to quit smoking in just 7 days? EaseQUIT™ is the easiest and most effective way to kick your smoking habit. Gum, patches, lozenges, and even most e-cigarettes all contain nicotine, the very same addictive chemical contained in cigarettes that you’re trying to ditch.

EaseQUIT™ bioactive magnets are a totally nicotine free and chemical free way to break your dependence and quit smoking once and for all.

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30 Days Money Back Guarantee

How Does it Work?

It’s really simple. EaseQUITTM is a set of small bioactive magnets. Just place them on your ear, one on the inside and one on the outside (the magnetism holds them in place) and they’ll help curb the cigarette cravings which make it so hard to stop smoking.

It works using a method called auriculotherapy. Also known as ‘ear acupuncture’ – only without the needles – auriculotherapy is a pain free, fast and easy way for you to quit smoking for good. By applying pressure to a precise point on your outer ear (the auricle), the magnets stimulate nerve endings which cause the release of endorphins in your brain. These are the same ‘feel-good’ chemicals released whenever you smoke a cigarette – and are why smoking makes you feel good.

Wear your EaseQUITTM magnets for just 3-4 hours a day and the release of these feel-good endorphins will help control the cravings caused by nicotine addiction and the withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping smoking.

In just 7 days, you’ll find you just don’t need those cigarettes anymore!

Place the magnet on your fingertips.

Place the smaller magnet to the front of your ear.

Place the larger magnet to the back of your ear.

Now Quit Smoking For Good!

Stop Smoking in Just 7 Days with EaseQUIT™

  • Combat your nicotine addiction in just 7 days
  • Stop smoking without cravings or withdrawals
  • Nicotine free and chemical free
  • No gums, patches, pills, or e-cigarettes
  • No refills, replacements or extras required
  • Fast, easy, effective method to stop smoking for good

EaseQUIT™ – The Easiest Way to Kick your Smoking Habit

A Faster Way to a Smoke Free Life

Nicotine replacement therapies work by releasing small amounts of nicotine into your bloodstream to help wean you off your dependence. But this can take many months. EaseQUIT™ will help curb your cravings and your urge to smoke within just seven days – without the use of nicotine!

Effortless Method of Quitting Cigarettes

No irritating daily patches to keep replacing, nasty-tasting lozenges or those moments of horror when you realise you’ve forgotten to bring your gum out with you… and you’re really craving a cigarette! EaseQUIT™ is discreet and easy to use, anytime, anywhere. Just stick the magnets on your ear and forget about them – and your cravings!

The Affordable Way to Stop Smoking

Why shell out a small fortune to keep replacing gum, patches, pills or e-cigarettes to quit smoking? One EaseQUIT™ kit will last you a lifetime. Just one payment and you can use it as many times as you need to. No refills, no replacements, and no extra accessories or add ons to buy. How’s that for great savings?

Guaranteed to Help You Stop Smoking… or Your Money Back

Loads of our customers are all now enjoying a healthier life free from the grip of nicotine addiction thanks to the EaseQUIT™. We’re pretty certain you’ll think your EaseQUIT™ magnets were well worth the investment too. But just in case, we’re offering you a completely risk-free, 30 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your purchase, just get in touch with our lovely customer service team and they’ll see you right straight away.

Nicotine Free Way to Quit Smoking

Gum, patches, lozenges, and even e-cigarettes all contain nicotine, the very same addictive chemical contained in cigarettes that you’re trying to ditch. EaseQUITTM is a totally nicotine free and chemical free way to break your dependence and quit smoking once and for all.

Quit smoking today

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Retail: $58.94 $45.84 Savings: $13.00

Auriculotherapy Explained

Based on the ancient Chinese principles of acupuncture, auriculotherapy was developed in France in the 1950s by Dr. Paul Nogier, who discovered a connection between the ear and other parts of the body. When applying pressure to certain points in the ear, Nogier found this influenced other parts and processes of the body. These reflex points on the ear produce nerve impulses which send a message to the brain based on the location of the point being treated, and can be influenced to manage pain and stress, calm nerves, and even help you stop smoking. Unlike acupuncture, auriculotherapy doesn’t use needles.

Instead, it applies pressure (reflexology) to points on the ear. This pressure can be applied in a number of different ways; manually with the fingers, via laser therapy or electrostimulation, blunt tipped wand devices, ear pellets, or with magnets like EaseQUITTM.



Place the EaseQUIT™ magnets on your ear following the instructions provided with your purchase. Leave the magnets on your ear for between 3-4 hours per day for 6-7 days. You’ll find that throughout the 7 days your urge to smoke should subside. On day 7, if you haven’t already done so, stop smoking. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to quit!

You can still smoke while you wear your EaseQUIT™ magnets but you’ll soon notice that cigarettes just aren’t as appealing as they used to be. Over the week you wear your magnets you’ll find that you gradually lose your desire to smoke. By day 7 you should be able to stop smoking completely.

Although you can wear your EaseQUIT™ magnets at any time, it’s best to wear them at a time when you are calm and relaxed, such as at home in the evening.

You can wear your EaseQUIT™ magnets on any ear.

The magnets are placed at a precise point towards the top of your ear. Place one magnet in front of your ear and the other magnet behind your ear. Full instructions and where to place the magnet are supplied with your EaseQUITTM kit.

The magnetism will hold both magnets securely together so they won’t fall off.

You might feel a slight pinching or tingling sensation at first until you get used to wearing the magnets, but it won’t hurt.

There are no known side effects caused by EaseQUIT™. The magnets are coated in a 24k gold casing which protects most people who are sensitive to cheaper metals against skin reactions.

EaseQUIT<sup>TM</sup> should not be used by pregnant women, or by anyone with a hearing aid, pacemaker, or other electro-medical device. This is because the magnetic properties of the EaseQUIT<sup>TM</sup> magnets may cause interference with their functioning.

Lots of our customers have successfully quit smoking with EaseQUIT<sup>TM</sup> after failing to kick the habit with other methods. You have nothing to lose by trying it!

Stop Smoking Easily In Just 7 Days With EaseQUITTM